An article submitted for publication in the “Journal of Donetsk Mining Institute” should pass several stages of review:

  • open peer review – expert review of relevant scientific profile (Doctor of Science) at the place of work or study author. The editorial review sent in writing. The review should include information on the reliability of the results, their relevance and novelty and practical value of advice to the publication of the article. This review, together with the article, must be submitted by the author to the editorial office;
  • single-blind review – (the reviewer knows the author, but the author does not know the reviewer) revise on the subject of its publication profile, the correctness of the design, compliance with ethical norms, the absence of plagiarism and subsequent transfer to the next stage of review;
  • double-blind review – review by an independent expert in the relevant field of knowledge upon submission by the editorial board with the completion of the standard form (Рецензія.pdf);
  • decision of the editorial board of acceptance / rejection of paper for printing. Based on the review by the decision of the editorial board of the author may receive one of the following responses:
  1. a) an article accepted for publication;
  2. b) recommended to edit the article;
  3. c) the author was refused publication of the article.